Dedicated to my twin flame, my duo and my reboot card in Fortnite and real life haha! This beautiful full and wispy set is named after my sister (cousin) who I find solace in times of happiness and trials. Someone I can count on to make sure my eyelash is still sitting in its place, someone who hyped me up so much that now I've created my own lash line and have become a Certified Eyelash Extension Artist at the same time!

We would play Fortnite in our spare time and I know a lot of people look down on the gaming community because they think "it's time consuming"... that's not us though ;) We would chat about our dreams, goals (and roast each other LOL) on the game. One day she woke up with a dream, we kept talking about it (as she did with mine ♥), I kept pushing her to pursue this dream whenever I had the chance to talk to her, now she is a Certified Eyelash Extension Artist with her own home salon (GET IT BOSS MAMA) and has been in the business game for 2 years slaying the Lash Industry! I am truly grateful to have her in my life and I hope you all get to find someone who lifts you up and your dreams even higher for you

If you are like us and wake up one day with a dream and some how it's the only thing you can think about all day and night, please push yourself out of that comfort zone and believe in yourself! Tell God, tell your bestie, your family, or your friends.. There is more than enough room for all of us to win in life. I hope this blog will help you take a leap of faith towards your dreams and goals ❥

Chyna, Dedicated to my sister Runa Crichton owner of Jhene Lashes, thank you for everything, Love you!